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   Make the Mundane Remarkable   

We humans can't help but search for profound meaning in a seemingly indifferent universe. This conflict, as proposed by writer and philosopher Albert Camus, is the absurdity of life.


When confronted with this absurdity, we can either despair or pretend, but neither of those sit very well. 


There is, of course, a third option. 


 We can embrace the absurd. 


By facing the absurdity of life with a smile, we grant ourselves the freedom to create our own meaning, living a beautiful life filled with moments that, to us, matter.


Finding love, baking bread, curing cancer, playing the tambourine in a 90s cover band, helping that person, napping under a tree, creating art, creating memories, creating humans, chopping wood, carrying water.


 The journey becomes the destination. 


And we have the incomprehensible fortune of waking up every morning, breathing, ready to create our own meaning. 


Living a life full of meaning was seen by Camus as an act of revolt - giving the middle finger to the abyss as you find that thing that lights you up, just because it does. For us, coffee is one of those things, and we’ve nerded out hard enough to bring you a bean that is worthy of its meaning. 


You see, coffee isn’t just a pick-me-up on the way out the door. Coffee is a morning reflection. Coffee is a beautiful view. Coffee is a moment with a friend, a child, a pet, a partner. Coffee is the art of making the mundane remarkable.


 Coffee is meaning. 


We hope that you savor every sip of ours.

Coffee in Nature

Our Story

The morning cup of coffee is a special moment. As we explored this moment, we felt compelled to contribute two things to the world to enhance the next act of life's absurd theater:

  1. Incredible coffee worthy of the moment

  2. ​A reminder to stop and enjoy this moment. And this one. And this one.

The first we've accomplished through world-class beans, fancy-ass roasting technology, and a few coffee nerds.

The second is an invitation. 


If you're looking for hot bean juice that make brain feel good, then you've got plenty of choices.

Instead, you can savor the moment. Make it sing with meaning. Coffee can be a ritual, a meditation of its own. A time to pause, enjoy the present, and center oneself. And, as you move through the world for the rest of your day, you might just start to find that every moment can be just as meaningful. 

Join us on our journey to create meaning and better connect a bunch of homo sapiens to themselves and one another, one cup at a time.

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